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Connect and chat with people travelling on your same train

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Check-in on your train and discover who is traveling with you

Find your train in our timetable and check-in to see a full list of the passengers who are using tChat. If you have friends or interests in common with any of them, we’ll let you know!

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Chat with fellow passengers, meet interesting people

"Say Hi!" to all the people you're interested in. As soon as another passenger replies to you, you can start chatting. And, if you don't want to engage in one-on-one conversations, you can still use our group chat to make small talk with your fellow passengers and share your interests with them.

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Develop friendships over time

Only because your train has arrived to destination, it doesn’t mean that you can’t develop the connections you have established. You can go on chatting with all the people which have engaged in a one-to-one conversation with you. Over time, you’ll have more and more friends to spend time with on your regular train route.

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About tChat Sagl

tChat Sagl is a young startup, supported by CP-startup, committed to bring your travel experience to the next level. We are committed to improve the life of commuters and travelers through the use of technology. Trains and local transport are a huge part of everyday life for millions of people and we think that it's very important that each trip should be as pleasurable as possible for every passenger. What if you could reduce the stress so often associated with travel? What if you could build strong and meaningful bonds with your fellow passengers? tChat is determined to help you do so and to turn your travels into rewarding experiences.

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