Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Appybros based?

Appybros is headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland. Our team works from around the world but is primarily based in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

In which language does Appybros operate?

English? Italian? German? You choose!

We would like to develop a web application, how can you help us?

The development of Web and mobile applications is among our main areas of expertise. Our network of talented professionals will support you at every stage of software development project. We will work closely with you and implement your feedback from the beginning of the collaboration, in order to create beautiful digital experiences for your users.

What is a prototype?

A prototype is what will help executives, stakeholders and potential users test an interactive version of a product. The most common approach is the following: clients come to us with an idea and mandate us to study its feasibility, identify strengths and potential weaknesses and give recommendations on how to turn it into a desirable and effective solution. Once the strategy and the specifications are clear, we build a tangible high-fidelity prototype that clients can test with potential users. This helps our client receive constructive feedback before building the final product, save time and money and avoid risk-taking. We take prototyping very seriously: it’s easier to build on solid foundations. This is why our prototype are not free of charge, whether you decide to turn them into real products or not.

What is the next step once your prototype is finished and approved?

Once you have decided that the product is worth developing, you have two possibilities: either you decide to build the product internally (in which case, we will hand over the specifications to your team), or you choose Appybros as your trusted long-term technical partner, and we will be more than happy to collaborate with you on the final development.

We only need a logo. Can you do that for us?

We’d love to! We will help you target your audience and create a strong, consistent brand identity that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Why should we work with Appybros?

Because your success is what motivates us. Solving your customer’s problems and growing your business will be our top priority and the best incentive for our successful collaboration.

What methodology does Appybros use?

It will depend on what the client wants to achieve. For projects that require product development, we will use agile. For more innovative challenges, we will be closer to design sprint.

And when it’s over, do we break up?

We hope not! We prefer long time relationships and we’d rather walk side by side, one project after another.

And when it’s over, do you leave us?

Absolutely not! We would like you to think of us as your long-term technical partner, working side by side and caring about each one of your projects as if they were ours.