FAQ - Our answers to frequently asked questions

Some details about Appybros

  • Our Digital Agency is headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, but we have no borders!
    Our network of qualified employees is international and mainly based in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. We also often work remotely.

  • We are able to work with full professional proficiency in English, Italian and German.
    You are spoilt for choice!

  • Because your success is what motivates us. Solving your customers' problems, growing your business, making it successful and long-lasting will always be our priority and the best incentive for a successful partnership.

  • It depends: for projects involving the development of a solution (web or mobile applications, websites...), we use the Agile methodology.
    For more innovative challenges, our approach is closer to the Design Sprint.
    Find out more about our development methodology!

  • Absolutely not! We have an incurable preference for long-term relationships and we like the idea of becoming your reference technology partner, to whom you can entrust all your projects, which we will push forward as if they were ours.

  • Developing web applications and mobile apps is one of our main areas of expertise.
    Furthermore, we are highly skilled in designing and developing prototypes and MVPs.
    If you would like, we can also work together with the Design sprint methodology and bring your design ideas to life.

    Prototype: let us shed some light on it

  • A prototype is an interactive test version of a product, ready to be tested by both potential users and the internal management of the producing company. This is how our process works: customers share their idea with us, we analyze its feasibility, strengths and potential risks and provide guidance to make it effective. As soon as the strategy and technical specifications are clear, we design and implement an interactive prototype that our customers can test along with the end-users. In this way, our customers can get constructive feedback well before investing in the implementation of the final product, allowing them to save time and money and minimize risks as much as possible.

    We can also work together with the Design Sprint methodology.

    Prototyping is particularly important to us, as it is easier to build on a solid foundation. That is the reason why our prototypes are not free, whether or not you decide to pursue the idea and launch the product on the market.

  • If you decide to proceed with the development of the final product, you have two options:

    1- developing it in-house with your team (to whom we will pass on all the necessary information) or relying on Appybros and becoming our partner.

    2- We can create a long-term partnership. You decide!

Would you like to tell us more about your idea?

You can include some details to let us know more about your idea. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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