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What if you could focus on the priorities of your business and rely on a trusted technical partner to do the rest?

Whether you are a SME or a startup, your projects will never be too small or too challenging for us, and we will work closely with you to help you reduce risk-taking and turn your ideas into meaningful experiences that your clients will love.

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Concept & Prototyping

Would you like to know if your business idea could work before investing in it? We can analyse it, develop a plan and create a high-fidelity interactive prototype that users can test out.

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Software Design & Development

Are you planning to launch a native iOS or Android app, a custom web application, a website or an e-commerce platform? We can develop it for you!

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UX & UI Design

Providing meaningful and relevant experiences to your customers is the best way to build loyalty. Let us create highly functional user experiences and quality user interfaces for your web and mobile applications.

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Branding & Identity

Brand identity is not just about your logo. We design unique brand identities that carry your values and stand their ground in today's competitive visual environment.

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Ed abdul wahed mehran

Appybros is more than a network of passionate and talented professionals.

We started by launching our own software applications: we struggled and we succeeded but most importantly, we grew.

Today our years experience, combined with a wide range of technical skills, make us a reliable tech partner for many companies of different size and fields.

No matter how challenging your project is: our team will support your vision and make it real.


Wahed Mehran, Founder and CEO

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Dr. Christian D. Milano

"Ho fatto ricorso ad Appybros per la realizzazione di un progetto complesso che richiedeva 3 sviluppi: un’applicazione iOS, un’applicazione Androide e un sito web collegati tra di loro. Prima di lavorare con Appybros, ero reduce da un'infruttuosa collaborazione con un’altra agenzia, che mi aveva consumato risorse e tempo! Con Appybros ho percepito da subito competenza ed affidabilità. Il progetto è stato suddiviso in due fasi: in un primo tempo la realizzazione di un prototipo cliccabile (molto utile per raccogliere impressioni e feedback da integrare nel prototipo), nel secondo lo sviluppo vero e proprio della piattaforma con le due applicazioni native. Questo metodo si è rivelato vincente e ha permesso non solo di accelerare la realizzazione del mio progetto e recuperare il tempo perduto, ma anche di dare concretezza a quella che, fino ad allora, era stata solo un’idea. La gestione del progetto ha fatto di Appybros il mio partner tecnologico di riferimento. Grazie anche al risultato del loro lavoro ( oggi siamo tra i 20 finalisti del concorso per startup « Boldbrain Startup Challenge »

Dr. Christian Milano
Founder & CEO of

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