Ideas and projects that Appybros brought to life

Here you can find our case studies: our own projects and those of our customers which we brought to life and turned into digital products that companies and people love.


Locarno Film Festival

The Locarno Film Festival is an internationally renowned event held annually in the first week of August. From 2016 to 2022, we enhanced the event with the CMS Magnolia platform, making it easier to organize and present content. Our innovative ticketing system ensures easy purchase and secure access to screenings. We also integrated social media and mailing lists to engage audiences, and created an app with an intuitive interface to enhance the guest experience.



LUMA, located in Arles, France, curates a wide range of events and exhibitions in its exclusive grounds. Prior to start-up, we engaged clients in workshops to better customize their projects. We developed a comprehensive backoffice to manage clients, guests, tickets, products, and events, offering detailed revenue tracking and statistics.

The main website, based on Magnolia, is LUMA's digital hub. A dedicated staff app simplifies access to events via QR codes. Integration with an online shop allows tickets to be purchased from home, while integration with Hubspot ensures personalized, quality service.



Imagine having a tool that allows you to interact and stay in contact with people who take the same train.
tChat is an app that allows to improve the interaction between train travellers, offering a new and different travel experience.

Thanks to the design and development of a prototype, the tChat project was successfully launched on the market.
Thereafter, we developed the app for iOS and Android.



When we have a new idea in mind, enthusiasm could push us to put it immediately into practice. However, an idea must be first examined and tested to see if it might succeed. This is what we did with Storyore, an app designed for parents of newborns to help them recall the most wonderful and exciting moments of the baby's first days and months.

Appybros helps those, who have confused or unclear ideas, to develop their project safely and professionally. We give our best to design and then develop something that works.

Here's what Storyore's founder said: "The finished product, in my case a prototype of an app, is aesthetically appealing and functional, ready to be developed and launched on the market. I share my positive experience with the team and suggest to contact them if you have a project in mind but you don't know how to turn it into reality."



ICML organizes a conference dedicated to Malignant Lymphoma research every two years. The website, based on CMS Magnolia, is the central point for information and updates on the conference, integrating newsletters with Campaign Monitor.
The management system built offers a complete experience: from ticket purchasing (integrated with Saferpay) to detailed management of individuals and groups, to session planning and live management.
The conference platform supports 4000 participants simultaneously from all over the world, an interactivity with Q&A, polls, integrated voting and automatic video uploading. The system includes an efficient helpdesk.
On-site digital screens show immediate information during the conference. Self check-in via QR code scanning simplifies access.


LAC Lugano

The Lugano Art and Culture Center offers a rich calendar of cultural events: exhibitions, performances, concerts and lectures throughout the year. Our website, developed with Magnolia, is the beating heart of this experience, presenting the entire panorama of events in an engaging way. To simplify administration, we implemented a management system with a dedicated app to manage subscriptions. Integration with an external e-commerce enriches the visitor experience. The whole system is supported by a webapp to manage digital panels to promote events and engage audiences.



When the market changes and the situation becomes unpredictable, as was the case with Covid which we all experienced, several companies are forced to reinvent themselves. This affects in particular the gastronomy sector. In a time of strict rules which force us to maintain safe distances, avoid using paper menus and expand the food delivery industry, it is crucial to have assisting tools that enable business activities to continue operating safely but still in strict adherence to the rules.

Ontime Menu is the simplest and most effective solution to digitalize restaurant operations. A digital product that allows cafés and restaurants to upload their menu online, even without having their own website. is an early stage start-up which offers a new dining experience.

Here is what they say about our collaboration:

I worked with Appybros on a complex project that required 3 different developments: an iOS application, an Android application and a Web Application, the three connected to each other. Before working with them, I had gone through an unsuccessful collaboration with another agency, which ended up with an unpleasant waste of time and resources for me. Appybros instilled competence and reliability since the beginning of our collaboration. They suggested a two-step approach to the project: first, they create a clickable prototype (very useful to receive and implement early-stage feedback); then, once the prototype had been approved, they dived into the apps and software development. This method proved to be extremely successful: not only it allowed to speed up the project and make up for lost time, but it also provided me very quickly with a tangible version of what, until then, had been just an idea. Since then, Appybros is my go-to tech partner and, thanks also to their precious work, is now among the 20 finalists of the start-up competition "Boldbrain Startup Challenge", I highly recommend them!

Dr. Christian Milano Founder & CEO of (Pregassona - Lugano Switzerland)
Dr. Christian Milano
Founder & CEO of (Pregassona - Lugano Switzerland)


A company realizes that it needs a new way of managing an internal process. What are the options in these circumstances? For Finser Packaging in Lugano, we created and installed a custom inventory management system. After having listened to them and understood what the problem was, we guided them through a long process of digital transformation.

Here is what they said about our collaboration: "After a careful analysis of our working method, Appybros collected our requirements and transformed them into a functional prototype, which allowed us to have an accurate preview of the final result. The Agile development methodology proved to be very effective to incorporate our feedback during the course of the project. We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration and the excellent result."



Developed at the request of Lugano City Hall, the platform is dedicated to schools and offers its staff the ability to order school supplies efficiently. Divided into three distinct roles, it allows users to browse the catalog, place orders and manage materials. A statistics section provides a clear picture of activities. Made with React and an SSO login system, it provides an intuitive and secure experience for users.



The ZeroVero app, dedicated to the TV quiz show broadcast by RSI, offers an immersive experience on iOS and Android. It allows users to relive past emotions, participate in the daily contest, and easily log in via the RTS login. With an intuitive interface, the app allows users to immerse themselves in their favorite quiz, bringing the excitement of the game into their hands every day.



How many highly-qualified people within a 80-kilometer range from the customer are unemployed? How can we use the data to show our competence to our customers? How many of you raised these issues and promptly come up with a simple solution? If you are in the recruitment field, these kinds of issues are your daily business when it comes to satisfying companies looking for new staff members to join their team. Finding relevant information is complicated as there are too many and different sources.

The GeoMapping ZeitArbeit team considered the following solution: what if all the information needed was stored in a single place, as data visualization simplifies the search? GeoMapping Zeitarbeit is a modern online platform that facilitates sales, recruitment and management activities for recruitment agencies. The platform turns wasted time spent on searching into beneficial time for the customers, the recruiter and the candidates.

We collaborated with GeoMapping Zeitarbeit on the design and development of the platform, helping them to simplify the processes by adopting an Agile methodology and a true co-design approach.

GeoMapping Zeitarbeit is an innovative and leading data visualization solution for sales and recruiting in the temp work market. As our trusted technology partner Appybros co-designed and developed our user friendly and scalable solution in a mixed team environment. From first design sprints to Onboarding new customers Appybros was able to understand all business requirements and processes quickly, delivering high value to the project. Working with Appybros is easy and fun and that builds on their strong methodical background.

Hartmut Lüerßen, CEO Lueerssen GmbH (Munich Germany) - Founder GeoMapping Zeitarbeit
Hartmut Lüerßen,
CEO Lueerssen GmbH (Munich Germany) - Founder GeoMapping Zeitarbeit


Unique streaming platform dedicated to auteur short films. The website is specifically designed to provide a seamless experience: an intuitive backoffice allows for quick content uploads, subscription and user management, and newsletter delivery integrated directly with Mailchimp.
Together we also developed an app that supports TV, Android and iOS systems, allowing users to access the vast library of short films conveniently and flexibly. Whether you prefer to watch a single film or opt for a subscription, payments are made easy with Paypal integration.



CleoTreat is the cutting-edge platform designed to manage beauty salons. Its strength lies in its focus on all the individuals involved in the world of beauty salons, not just the owners.
CleoTreat offers a fast and assisted online booking service for customers, significantly simplifying the booking process. At the same time, it supports salons in coordinating calendars, employees, and services, making overall management more efficient. Additionally, it optimizes the work of individual employees through a convenient digital calendar service, ensuring greater organization and productivity.



Valera, a Swiss leader in the hair care industry since 1955, offers not only a wide range of hair care products but also a comprehensive 360-degree service specifically designed for its customers.
Recently, we led a complete redesign and development process for Valera's website. While a website already existed previously, it was limited to showcasing the brand's products and family history.
Through a thorough analysis of the existing content, we were able to completely overhaul the website and modernize the company's digital presence.



Viselio is a COVID-19 testing center in Switzerland.
We have taken care of the design and complete development of the company's digital experience. For Viselio, we wanted to make it easy for users to book their COVID-19 test by offering a choice of different locations.
This allowed us not only to help a brand modernize its digital presence but also to enhance the experience for end users during such a complex and unstable time for all of us.


Farmacia Delta

Farmacia Delta SA was born in 2014 with the intention of providing a comprehensive service for customers and patients. It is a medical center that not only supplies medications but also offers a range of consultants in various fields, from nutrition to naturopathy, lymphatic drainage to specific diagnostic tests.
For Farmacia Delta, we have taken care of the redesign and complete development of the platform, implementing an online booking service.


Test Rapido

TestRapido is the first software for COVID-19 test booking and certificate generation that automates the results, designed for pharmacies and testing centers.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to create something that would be genuinely useful in order to help and simplify the COVID-19 testing process. For this reason, we conceived a software that can be fully integrated with existing platforms and customized to meet the specific needs of each client.


Halfshave - Gianmarco Tamberi

We helped Gianmarco Tamberi to crown his gold medals by designing a young and fast e-commerce platform for him, just like him.
In 2023, Gianmarco expressed the desire to create limited edition products, available for a short period of time, to celebrate his 5 gold medals in the world of athletics. For him, we created an e-commerce platform from scratch, guiding him step by step in the creation, design, and launch of the digital platform.


Maison Rabih Kayrouz

Maison Rabih Kayrouz embodies the elegance and brilliance of the founding Lebanese designer. The site, from 2021, combines beauty and functionality, adapting perfectly to every device. Thanks to Magnolia and Shopify, it offers a flawless experience.
Composed of numerous multimedia contents, it is an effective e-commerce. Intuitive page management allows for easy insertion of creative content. It is more than a fashion site: it is a digital experience that conveys the art and aesthetics of unique talent, offering a seamless journey into the world of elegance.



In 2011, the brand Purest was born in Lugano, and its name already resonates with the values it embodies: purity, quality, authenticity, and, above all, the desire to create beauty through a virtuous process, producing luxury accessories transparently, while also being ethical and respectful of people, labor, and the environment.
For Purest, we took care of the development of their e-commerce platform, where you can purchase their high-quality products.


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