We develop mobile apps, both hybrid and native, that are functional, good-looking and easy to use.

__ To build an app that is really useful and pleasant to use, we can help you design it from the very beginning and test it to evaluate the validity of your idea!

Design and development of mobile, hybrid or native apps

In today's market, numerous companies choose to develop a mobile app to complement their other channels, such as a web app or an e-commerce platform. Why do they do this? To improve the user experience, offer additional services, involve users by providing new content and to facilitate the purchase and customer care options.

__At Appybros, we design and develop native and hybrid mobile apps that are functional, user-friendly and useful. We create apps not only with the aim of making them customers' preferred channels, but also to offer them a great experience.

In addition to the web app, we can create a system of digital products that meets companies' business needs, enabling them to be more competitive in comparison to rival companies and to be chosen by end-users who will enjoy a great experience.

__We design, develop and create mobile applications (apps), both hybrid and native, for IOS and Android, which are above all functional, but also reliable and user-friendly.

We achieve this by designing the app together with you and the end users before we start developing it. We adopt a human-centered approach: before, during and after the development phase, we put users at the center and create by doing so a functional app.

We also adopt a Collaborative Design approach, even in form of Design Sprint.

Mobile applications: from the idea to the finished product

We work with you to make the app successful before we begin designing it. By adopting an Agile approach, we work on the entire process, which begins well before the actual development phase.

Co-design: we listen to your needs

We need to meet and get to know you before we start working together in order to fully comprehend your approach, vision and business objectives. We take an in-depth look at your project to jointly make the right decisions. The Collaborative Design (also using the Design Sprint methodology) allows us to develop effective solutions along with your company's internal and external stakeholders.

User research: what people want

The only way to determine what is truly important for your app is to do user research. To design your app in the most effective way and meet the needs of your users, we analyze their needs and their digital experience.

Information architecture
Information architecture

After designing the appropriate information architecture for your app, we begin the process that leads us to the development of a prototype, which is used to test your app's functionality. Once the co-design phase is over, we will have collected enough useful information to make the right decisions.


After defining the information architecture, it's time to create a prototype to test the functionalities. Optionally, we can also develop an MVP to help us understand whether the digital product will be successful before developing its final version.

Test and launch

Once the prototype or MVP has been developed, we let the testing phase begin: we collect feedback and interesting information from end users for the next phase: the actual development.

Sviluppo e realizzazione
Creation, development, release

Once the testing phase is completed and the feedback analyzed, we can conclude the development process of the digital product so that it is ready to be officially launched. The design and prototyping phase allow a considerably faster development with lower costs.

Since we adopt the Agile methodology, you can follow each step of development of your digital product. This approach has the advantage of enabling us to fix bugs and improve the phases as we go forward, ensuring that our work always meets your goals and those of the users.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

The development costs of a mobile app can differ from case to case, since every project is different. The best way to get a cost estimate is to contact us and tell us more about your idea!

Do you want to tell us more about your idea?

If you have an idea for a mobile app in mind, whether for smartphones or tablets, and would like to have a project cost estimate, please contact us.

Our tech stacks

We continuously keep ourselves updated with the required standards to maintain our tech stack up-to-date.

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